Exclusive Services for your Comfort

We have a private platform for washing vehicles, ensuring that your most prized possessions look impeccable. We also have a special area for the disposal of grey and black water, and for those with motor homes, we offer the possibility of refilling the tank in our facilities. We strive to provide you with services that go beyond simple parking.



You will need: ID card, a copy of the valid insurance of the vehicle, contact telephone number and a photo of the vehicle where the license plate is clearly visible. If you do not have insurance we will not be able to assign you a parking area.




  • If you wish to make a reservation, you will have to pay the first month's rent before your arrival, providing the documentation mentioned in the previous section.
  • The minimum price to be able to use our car park is the equivalent of one month, regardless of whether you only need a parking space for a few days or the whole month.
  • NO ONE NIGHT STAY IS ALLOWED under any circumstances, remember that we are a car park and not a campsite.
  • It is not allowed to make alterations to the vehicles in the allocated spaces, soiling the ground with any type of harmful material (oils, petrol, corrosive liquids, dust, paint, etc.) as for the environment and for the rest of the tenants.
  • A minimum of 7 days notice must be given if you wish to vacate your space.
  • In case of collision with any structure in the car park, such as cones, streetlights or posts, an extra 25€ must be paid for the damage of each structure. In case of refusal to pay for the damages caused, the relationship between the client and Tahiche Parking Lanzarote will be terminated.
  • It is obligatory to make good use of the vehicle washing platform, as well as in the black and grey water emptying area, leaving the hoses collected for the next user.


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